Original Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

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Shield Clocks

Shield ClockShield clocks are beautiful and elegant creations that were made most popular in the German Black Forest. Although they are also produced in the same workshops in Germany shield clocks are no cuckoo clocks, they have a different design The design of a shield clock is very basic. Each features a square clock case or shield with a semicircle located on top. The wooden shield of most shield clocks is handmade and many feature a porcelain shield. Shield clocks have been manufactured since the late 18th century. During the middle of the 19th century, the German Black Forest shield clocks became very popular and are still quite a collector’s item today. Although other countries do manufacture shield clocks, the German Black Forest clocks still rank very high in terms of popularity for their intricate designs and their overall beauty.
Shield clocks are primarily hand painted by very talented artists who give each clock a look of its very own. Each shield clock is unique in its own way. During the 19th century, when they were first becoming popular, many designers produced pictures and decorations on the clocks by transferring pictures. Due to the overwhelming response and popularity of these clocks, manufacturers were forced to search for a better technique in which they could produce more clocks effectively. The paintings that are done now are beautifully designed and each has very strong and bright coloring. The normal designs consist of flowers that are painted upon a special undercoat which was also invented in the Black Forest. The undercoat helps the paint to endure and last much longer than earlier versions.
Earlier versions of the Black Forest shield clocks featured a cuckoo call like the ones found in German cuckoo clocks. The cuckoo was integrated into the semicircle on top of the clock. There are also several shield clock versions that feature a quail call. As popular as Black Forest shield clocks were in the 19th century, they are even more popular today. Many Black Forest clockmakers still engage in the creation of shield clocks. Manufacturers such as Rombach and Hass, Hubert Herr and Hones offer authentic Black Forest Shield clocks in beautiful and elegant designs that are a wonderful accent to the home.

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