Original Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

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Anton Schneider

SchneiderAnton Schneider is one of the most well known names from the Black Forest. The production of the Anton Schneider line of cuckoo clocks began in a small farmhouse in Schonach in 1848. Now it its sixth generation of clockmakers, Anton Schneider has become one of the most popular names in cuckoo clocks for collectors from all over the world. The Anton Schneider Company employs only the most qualified and talented craftsmen in the Black forest area. Most employees of the company have worked for Anton Schneider for the last twenty to forty years. Each worker is chosen based on their special qualifications that make the Anton Schneider company world renowned for the production of high quality and unique cuckoo clocks.
Although the company started as a small farmhouse factory, Anton Schneider today has one of the most modern clock making factories in the German Black Forest. Their production of German cuckoo clocks is admired by collectors from around the world. With the years of tradition that goes into each clock, and the beautiful and elegant designs that the Anton Schneider Company is known for creating, it is no surprise that clock enthusiasts from all over the world have come to adore the Anton Schneider name. The company is dedicated to bringing its customers only the most authentic, unique and highest quality creations today, as they have been for over a century and a half. Their guarantee of exceptional quality through their own workshop and the hand carved creations that they produce has made them one of the most important manufacturers of cuckoo clocks in the entire world. From basic cuckoo clocks to creations that employ music and dancing figurines, Anton Schneider is absolutely one of the most revered manufacturers of clocks in the Black Forest. With their wide selection of more than 300 different and unique timepieces, the Anton Schneider Company has born quite a reputation for providing authentic German Black Forest creations with tradition and elegance that is unsurpassed.

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