Original Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

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Maintaining Cuckoo Clocks

MaintainingMaintaining cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are a passion for many and a joy for all. Taking good care of your cuckoo clock is not hard, but it is necessary. First and foremost, you should never move your clock with the pendulum on it. You should also have your cuckoo clock oiled each three years and it is recommended that it be taken apart and cleaned at least every ten years. This is to prevent the wear on its parts and to keep it functioning and providing the beautiful scene and music that you love. The weights on a one day clock should be wound daily. The weights on an eight day clock are actually only wound around once a week. In order to properly wind the weights you should hold the clock against the wall with one hand and pull the chain with the other. This prevent you from pulling the clock from the wall and possibly damaging it in the fall.
To hang your cuckoo clock you should exercise extreme care. It may be difficult to tell if the clock is actually level depending on the design, and it must be properly leveled in order for it to function properly. A good way to achieve a perfect level is to hang the clock at the position that it seems most level. When you hang the pendulum on the wire hanger and the weights on the clock, slightly push the pendulum. If it moves on its own then your clock is level. If it does not, then you must move the bottom of the clock in the direction that you feel would level it up. Listening to the ticking of the clock and watching the pendulum are the best ways to achieve a level position. It must be level in order to work, so take time and care in getting it just right. After all, the working function is what drew you to it right? So take care in ensuring that everything is in perfect working order before you leave it on the wall.

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