Original Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

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HekasHekas is a highly popular cuckoo clock company located in the Black Region forest of Germany that has been producing cuckoo clocks and other products since 1938. Hekas cuckoo clocks was founded by Helmut Kammerer and has, over the past 70 years, been climbing the ladder of popularity steadily with their collection of beautiful hand carved clocks and other items. Rolf Kammerer has been in charge of Hekas since 1998, supported entirely by Uwe Kammerer, who is the 3rd generation of Kammerer family members to work for Hekas. Uwe is highly educated in subjects such as wood mechanics and tool making and attended the world renowned Clockmaker School in the Black Forest’s Furtwangen. His education along with his passion for the clock making industry helps to ensure that all Hekas cuckoo clocks are made with the tradition of the early years in mind, as well as the highest quality available.
Although Hekas is well known for its cuckoo clocks, it also offers a wide range of other authentic Black Forest Clocks and collectibles. Hekas includes a cabinetmaking workshop which produces the cases needed for the clocks as well as the blanks for hand carving. All cuckoo clocks from the Hekas collection are hand carved by their skilled and highly experienced craftsmen. Quality inspections are completed by experienced employees before each cuckoo clock is approved for purchase. Each clock is also required to work for 12 hours as a trial to ensure quality before the clock is transported for customer purchase. High quality and beautiful cuckoo clock making are the traditions that Hekas is founded on and why this company now exports their cuckoo clocks to over 40 countries worldwide.

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