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Hummel Figurines Throughout History

With the beginning of World War II came much turmoil and many changes throughout the world. The German government did allow the much loved M.I. Hummel figurines to be created and produced, but only for export. They also directed Franz Goebel to produce dinnerware for use by the military. Despite these sudden changes that caused much hardship, the Goebel family maintained their precious relationship with Sister M.I. Hummel and had several new figurines modeled and approved by the crafters. Sister Hummel’s fragile health, however, suffered during the war years as fuel was very hard to obtain and she was forced to work in unheated and often frigidly cold spaces.
Once the war was over and Germany recovered, the M.I. Hummel figurines once again became the most popular collection item in the world. Many people were ready for a new change and the addition of the beautiful Hummel figurines were just what they needed to add a peaceful and serene quality to their homes.
In 1946, Sister M.I. Hummel passed away at a very young age of only 37 years old. Her passing came after a very long respiratory illness that was later diagnosed as tuberculosis. Despite losing the dear Sister, the production of her much loved figurines never stopped. Sister Hummel left behind her a wealth of drawings in which Franz Goebel could create new figurines.
When Franz Goebel passed away in 1969, his won Wilhelm Goebel inherited the leadership of the company. He shares that leadership with Eugen and Ulrich Stocke. They have, together, continued to contribute to the beautiful world of Hummel figurines that are so famously popular around the world today. The first annual M.I. Hummel plate was introduced in 1971 and quickly became a prized collection item.
Today the M.I. Hummel children are the most loved figurines in the entire world. The Goebel Collector’s club was founded in 1977 to give collectors the chance to keep up with the growing number of Hummel children. The name was officially changed in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club.
Gobel has been in operation for more than 135 years. Their addition of the M.I. Hummel figurines has ensured that they will forever hold an important position in the creation of fine German art. The Hummel figurines are still among the most popularly collected items throughout the world. As each new figurine is introduced into the market, millions of collectors strive to own it. Homes all over the world have Hummel’s in their possession and the collection grows more every year.

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