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Uhlig Kunstgewerbe

UhligIf you were to visit the Erzgebirge region in Germany, you would find several manufacturers who bring to life the centuries old traditions of hand carved wooden clocks and other items. Kunstgewerbe Uhlig is one of those manufacturers. A typical family owned workshop in Erzgebirge, Kunstgewerbe Uhlig manufacturers Christmas pyramids, music boxes, wooden angels, schwibbogen or candle arches and incense smokers. The workshop itself dates back for four generations and today is run by Frieder and Andre Uhlig. The Kunstgewerbe Uhlig Company was originally founded by Emil Uhlig in 1895. After World War II, Kurt Uhlig took over as head of the company when the then leader, Martin Uhlig did not come home from the war.
For decades, Kunstgewerbe Uhlig has been producing wooden products that are filled with years of quality and tradition. Uhlig angels are among the most popular angel figurines from the Erzgebirge region and adorn many of the Uhlig music boxes, Christmas pyramids and candle arches. All products from Uhlig are hand painted and inspected for the minutest details. Customers from all over the world appreciate the fine craftsmanship and high quality of a Kunstgewerbe Uhlig creation. From their vast selection of wooden handcrafted products, customers can find gifts for any occasion and collectibles that are renowned the world over.

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