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Goebel Figurines

Collecting Goebel Figurines

Goebel has, for more than 100 years, been a leading manufacturer of fine porcelain in Germany. The addition of the Hummel figurines in 1934 helped to make Goebel a well known name throughout the world. Goebel figurines are a highly coveted collector’s item today. Their fine detailing and beautiful, breathtaking forms are loved by people the world over. The Goebel figures are among the most popular collector’s items today, as they have been for many years.
Goebel figurines are made from the finest porcelain and crafted by the most talented artists in the world. Due to their beauty and their high quality, Goebel figurines are found in millions of homes throughout the world. Many people have come to appreciate the different versions of Goebel figurines. Millions of people have found them to be the perfect gift and there are many who now belong to the Hummel Club that Goebel offers for the collection of their figurines.
Goebel figures are normally small and delicate creations that have the highest quality of production. Using only the best crafters and artists ensures that these figurines are of the highest quality and have the finest detailing imaginable. Hummel figurines are currently the highest rated collector’s item due to their intricate detailing and the fine porcelain in which they are crafted. Their addition of the limited edition items have only helped to make them more popular. Limited edition items are produced only for a short time, and only a few of them are created. Collector’s flock to find these beautiful pieces and add them to their collections. Homes throughout the world have hundreds of beautiful Goebel or Gobel figurines encased in glass displays.
Even finding the discontinued Goebel figurs can be difficult, but collectors know the true value of these beautiful figurines and many pay thousands of dollars for a single item just to have the satisfaction of owning it. Although people from all over the world normally find something that they enjoy to begin a collection, nothing quite compares to the popularity of the Goebel figurines. Millions of people collect these beautiful figurines. Whether they begin with new versions or simply find a discontinued item for sale, they are forever struck by the beauty and intricacy of each Goebel figurine. For more than 70 years Goebel has been creating these breathtaking Hummel children and it seems that they only get more popular as each new figurine is introduced.

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