Original Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

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Swiss Cuckoo Clocks

Swiss Cockoo ClockGermany has long been famed as the home of the creators of beautiful cuckoo clocks. Many cuckoo clocks do not realize that there are exquisite cuckoo clocks from Switzerland. Swiss cuckoo clocks normally have the Chalet look. This is a beautiful style that features intricate detailing. Swiss style cuckoo clocks are hand carved in the form of traditional Swiss chalets. The creators of Swiss cuckoo clocks hand carve the beautiful detailing and designs on each clock. Most cuckoo clocks from Switzerland are hand carved from linden wood, much like the cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region. With intricate detailing, the shutters, balconies, stairs and flowers at the windows are beautifully carved for each clock. The figures, sometimes a woodchopper or a beer drinker, are whimsically and beautifully designed. These awe inspiring creations have been a popular item for collectors for many years. Swiss cuckoo clocks, although they have not had as much recognition as Black Forest or German cuckoo clocks, are beautifully designed and add elegance and a traditional look to many homes throughout the world.
Most Swiss cuckoo clocks feature a music box. The most popular sounds that are designed into the clocks are The Happy Wanderer and Edelweiss. These sounds are beautiful coming from inside the clocks and help to make the cuckoo clocks from Switzerland more popular among collectors. The Swiss-made Chalet cuckoo clocks are breathtaking. Many collectors search for specific types and designs, but all are whimsical and beautiful. With their intricate designs and beautiful music, many collectors have found the Swiss cuckoo clocks to be among their very favorites. From the animated characters to the cuckoo bird himself, as well as water wheels which are moving constantly, found in many Chalet cuckoo clocks, these Swiss clocks are amazing to watch and a sheer joy to own.

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