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Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach Nutcrackers have been in production for centuries. Erwin V. Steinbach was a very renowned architect and built the Muenster of Strasbourg in 1284. Originally from Austria, the family, over the centuries, has been forced to relocate many times due to wars and other circumstances. The Steinbach family heritage includes architects, builders, merchants, judges, politicians and military men. During their relocation periods, the Steinbach family finally settled in the Erzgebirge region of East Germany. This area was then rich in silver and gold, along with other materials of value including timber. As the metals industry in the area declined, the Steinbach family was forced to turn to woodworking as their trade of choice. By carving wood into creations that were used for souvenirs and gifts and even some religious items, they became very popular during the 11th century. That popularity still remains today as Steinbach Nutcrackers are one of the most popular and well known items in Germany, as well as the remainder of the world. The Steinbach family has been producing Nutcrackers and other wood carvings for the better part of two centuries. Their centuries old tradition of carving Steinbach nutcrackers is evident in the high quality and beautiful pieces that they create. Herr Christian Steinbach was the families head for decades and also one of the top designers of the original Steinbach Nutcrackers. Unfortunately Herr Steinbaach passed away in 2007. But the Steinbach Nutcracker operation will continue as it has for decades. His daughter Karla the former vice president is the new President of Steinhach Nutcrackers when she assumed the head of the company she had become the sixth generation of Steinbach’s to lead their family in their traditional heritage.
You just have to look at a Steinbach Nutcracker at the Erzgebirge Palace to see the fine detailing and the care that goes into making each one. The Steinbach Nutcrackers collection includes many faces and aspects of the original works and is a collector’s item that is renowned the world over for its quality and beauty.

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